8 Piece Replacement Band Refill (2 of each grit) - $8.50
NEW Special Purchase
Small Detail Brush Set & Set of Fine Liner Brushes

3 brushes in each set.     $2 per set

3 Fine Liner Brushes  (Shown at top)  

3 Detail Brushes   (Shown at bottom)
NEW -   Fine tip applicators
25 fine tip applicators for applying dyes and other finishes where it is important to get into tiny areas. 

25 applicators  - $4

100 applicators - $15
Out of Stock
New - Plastic applicator bottle with 10 assorted sizes of tips. Great for glues, dyes, and other liquids where you want to place a precise amountUse to draw on fine line designs with inks and dyes.  Keep a few on hand for color changes or keep one separate for glue. 

$2.50 per set 
CARBIDE Gourd Cleaners

I'm pleased to add these fantastic new carbide gourd cleaning tools to the Arizona Gourds website.  Unlike other gourd cleaning tools, these tough carbide cleaners will last a lifetime, and will not crack, peel or wear out!  You'll never need to replace these tools, but you may find it useful to have more than one shape or grit.

  Mushroom cleaners have a 9" shaft

These are solid metal tools with extra tough carbide grit!   If you know how expensive even small carbide carving burs are, you'll realize that these are very reasonably priced.

Each carbide tool is mounted on a heavy duty 3/8" steel shaft.  These tools work in a regular size drill, and work most efficiently at low speeds.   The 2" mushroom head cleaner is a good general purpose shape.  The smaller 1 1/2" birdhouse tool is perfect for cleaning gourds with very small openings, and works great on gourds with small necks or in hard to reach areas. The donut cleaner has a larger head (2 1/2" wide) and is great for bowls and gourds with larger openings. 

Medium Grit Mushroom Cleaner  $32

FINE Grit Mushroom Cleaner - $32    

Medium Grit Birdhouse Cleaner  $26       

Medium Grit Donut cleaner  10" Shaft  $32           

All Metal Hand Scrapers

For those who prefer to use hand tools to clean gourds, here is a really nice option. These 7" or 14" scrapers clean gourds quickly because the cleaning head has sharpened edges, and you can use all sides of the cutting head using either a pushing or pulling motion.

Scraper - 7"   $12

Scraper - 14"  $18 
The Keyless Chuck (Dremel 4486) eliminates the need for wrenches and collets!  It accepts all accessory bits with 1/32" to 1/8" shanks. They work with most Dremel models, including Dremel attachments and flexible shafts. GENUINE DREMEL part, factory packaged.  

NEW - Keyless chuck for off brand (mostly Chinese) rotary tools.  This one has a slightly larger opening where the chuck threads onto the tool.   It is not guaranteed to fit every off brand tool, but if the Dremel one doesn't work, this one probably will. Special $6

SPECIAL: Set of 10 Artist Brushes
Assorted sizes and shapes as shown.  $6 per set

Pin Vise - This handy little tool holds drill bits or small burs so you can use them without power. It's great for a travel tool box!  4 different size collets (extra stored in handle). You can also use dremel collets for larger sizes.  $5     Out of Stock

10pc  180 mm Riffler File Set
Originally designed for woodworkers, rifflers are great for rapid smoothing of carved areas! The curved ends fit into tight corners, and each file has a different shape. Coarser than sandpaper, these will remove material quickly, and leave a smooth finish.  Packaged in a handy vinyl pouch.

180 mm  $10    

These are some of the hand tools I use most often on my gourds.  I use what I sell!
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Hole Saw Set
These high carbon steel hole saws will drill perfectly round holes in gourds!  Use them to cut round openings for lids, birdhouse openings, etc.   This set comes with a plastic storage case and includes a hex wrench, a mandrel and 8 sizes of saws that will create different sized holes from 3/4" to 2 1/2" wide.

Hole saws are should be used with a full sized cordless or electric drill; a variable speed drill allows for good control and efficient cutting.  *Please note that these saws are too large for use in a Dremel type tool.

  Hole Saw Set - $15   
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Mini Tools
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NEW! Fine Liner and Detail Brushes!

3M 9211 Respirator with Exhalation Valve 
This three-panel flat fold respirator features an innovative design. The low profile provides a good, comfortable fit (even for people with small faces!) and allows for better visibility than the common cup style mask.  The exhalation valve prevents fogging of eyeglasses.   This is a government-approved N95 particulate respirator.

Sanding Sticks and Replacement Bands
A perfect complement to riffler files, this sanding stick is wonderful for getting into tight areas that can't be smoothed with normal sandpaper, especially flat background areas and tight corners. Use this tool to do your final smoothing after carving.  The spring loaded design maintains belt tension, and allows you to rotate the abrasive belt 360 degrees for complete and ecomonical use. Comes in assorted colors and includes one sanding band.

NEW - 4 pack Sanding Stick Kit
This new kit contains 4 different color sanding sticks with 4 different grits - so you can switch between grits quickly without changing bands!  The kit comes with 120, 180, 240 and 320 grits PLUS an additonal 20 replacement bands!  This set is a wonderful value when compared to the pricing for a single stick and pack of 5 replacement bands.

Three different surfaces for sanding - tapered/angled end,  flat side and rounded end.  The stick is 1/4" wide x 6" long  Assorted Colors 

Mini Abrasives Cleaning Block

Use one of these handy little cleaners to extend the life of all your abrasives - works great on mini disc sanders, drum sanders, and belt sanders. Just hold it against the spinning abrasive surface and the cleaner will remove all the fine particles that clog the sandpaper.    $3.50      

Sanding Strips
These are what we use in all of my classes.  These extra firm 120 grit sanding strips keep their edge and stay stiff so they can be used for sanding nice, sharp edges.  Great for smoothing carved ripples and last a long time! 
10 strips in a package - $2.50 

Brass Brush - Great for cleaning burs.  Put your dirty or clogged burs in a small jar with a bit of acetone or other solvent and soak them for a while.  Clean off any remaining residue by brushing the burs with this brass brush - it cleans great but isn't too harsh on the burs.  $1 
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Hole saws work great for quick, perfect round openings!
Medium Grit
Mushroom Cleaner
Medium Grit
Birdhouse/Neck Cleaner

Medium Grit
Donut Cleaner

10 piece Diamond File Set

These small diamond files are finer than riffler files, and work great for smoothing hard to reach areas.  They work especially well for smoothing filigree holes and cut edges.  They are 5 1/2" long.
Packaged in a handy vinyl pouch.    
New Lower Price!  $8

Sanding Stick - $6.50
Additional sanding bands
5 pack of assorted grits.  $8.50
From Staybowlizer owner Michelle Barber:  "The staybowlizer is the best gourd tool I have and I love it!  I have two of them and they are so easy to use.  They are great to use in the kitchen when making cookies with kids. They are also great for woodworkers as well as us gourd freaks."
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New -  Abranet Sanding Mesh

I love this stuff!  This sanding product is a favorite of woodworkers and woodturners.  Because it is a mesh, sanding dust does not clog the paper, leading to better results and longer lasting product.  The backing is stiffer than regular sandpaper so it doesn't get soft and "mushy" during use.  It is great for hand sanding.  As an added bonus, the backing has a fuzzy surface for use with hook and loop type sanding dics.

While this product is more expensive than regular sandpaper, it works great and lasts longer.
Abranet Sanding Sample Packs

You can use Abranet with small disc sanders.  There are instructions on converting a Microlux disc sander for use with Abranet in the
January 2015 Arizona Gourds Newsletter    These sample packs come with strips measuring 2 3/4" wide x 9" long, perfect for creating at least 3 sanding discs out of every sheet - or cut them into smaller pieces for hand sanding.  They can also be used on a sanding block, just cut them to the correct size.  The standard sample packs sold by Mirka are shorter and don't allow you to maximize the amount of discs you can cut from a strip.   They also cost more per inch than the packs sold here.  These sample packs are designed for gourders!

Each sample pack contains one strip of 5 different grits - 120, 180, 240, 320, and 400, and is $10.  Or, buy a double pack with 2 strips of each for $18 and save.  Single grit packs have 5 sheets of a single grit.   Packs of single grits are $10 each.

Sample Pack     Double Pack         120 Grit                180 Grit               240 Grit              320 Grit               400 Grit

Hook and loop parts can be used to convert a Microlux disc sander or other sanders. 
*There are instructions on converting a Microlux disc sander for use with Abranet in the
January 2015 Arizona Gourds Newsletter 
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Micro-pro micromotor carvers and Burnmaster woodburning systems.
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The Staybowlizer is made from soft and flexible silicone rubber.  While it was designed to hold a mixing bowl steady for kitchen use, it is also a great tool for holding your gourds while you work on them.  The surface isn't sticky, but the silicone rubber grabs items and holds them firmly in place. Order here
*Note - this link takes you to a seller on Amazon. They are able to offer this product at a very low price.
Finishing Sanders  Extenders with Replaceable Sanding Heads

Less expensive than fancy sanding mops and sanding stars, these finishing sanders will sand and smooth the gourd interior to a great finish.  They can be used with either a 6" or 12" extender.  When the head wears out, you can keep the extender and use it again with a new replacement sanding head. 

It's easy to change sanding heads, the extender has an included hex key for fast changes. (Note: These work in an regular drill  - not for use with a dremel)       
1/4" Masking Tape
Great for laying out designs on your gourd projects. $1.25 per roll.
Sanding head
only   $5
6"  extender with ONE finishing sander head  $13

6" and 12" extenders with TWO finishing heads $26

NEW -  80 Grit
Packs of 5 sheets  - $10
Keyless Chuck Pin Vise with Drill Bit Set
This pin vise has a keyless chuck and requires no collets.  The set includes a 10 piece set of small drill bits.  $10    

4 Piece Sanding Stick Kit with 20 replacement bands - $26.50
TIP:  Use these pin vises to hold diamond burs and turn them in to mini detail sanders for fine hand sanding operations!
Out of Stock