NEW - PC Universal Glue

New PC-Universal Glue™ is a high performance adhesive with unlimited uses.  Non-foaming formula for easy application and clean up.  The glue is a white color, but dries clear. Tight glue lines with uncompromised strength. 100% non-toxic formulation and eco-friendly.  May be diluted by 25% if desired, may be painted when dry. Super Strong! 

Should not be frozen - consider your climate when ordering. 

 $6  for  4 oz. 

These are some of the product I use most often on my gourds.   I use what I sell!
Glues and Adhesives
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We are an authorized Foredom Tool Distributor.   Please use the Foredom link button to view available tool sets including bench and hanging models.
Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue)

The best gap-filling super glue for inlaying heishi and stones, and has many other uses!  Lots of uses.  Fast setting (5-15 seconds) and thick enough to stay where you put it. Comes with a fine applicator tip and instructions. 
$4 for a 1/2 oz. bottle  NEW - 1 oz size $6

Insta-Set Glue Accelerator 
Just spray a bit of this fast acting catalyst on your project and the glue will set immediately!  $6 for a 2 oz. bottle

Un-Cure Glue Solvent 
This solvent will loosen and dissolve dried cyanoacrylate glues (it will work on all brands)  Great for when you glue your fingers together!    $4 for a 1 oz. bottle

Extra screw on tips
in case the tip gets clogged 
or damaged.  $.75 each

P-C Petrifier Wood Hardener

A great way to salvage weak or thin shelled gourds. Sandable and Paintable. This product is a non-toxic, water based,  liquid epoxy.  The liquid formula allows for deep penetration and  rapid absorption into the soft gourd pulp.  Product dries to a rock hard finish overnight.   

$8 for an 8 oz. bottle

Note: Liquids cannot be shipped out of the US

Should not be frozen - consider your climate when ordering.
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Rolls of 5mm (approximately 1/4") masking tape. Perfect for laying out designs and masking small areas!    

$1.25 per roll       Out of Stock
1/2 oz. Size - $4

1 oz size - $6
NEW - PC Lumber

Similar to Apoxie Sculpt or Quikwood,  PC lumber is a two part epoxy clay that can be used for sculpting or repairs.  Slice off the amount you need, squeeze and knead to mix, and you have about 15 minutes of working time.  Super strong bond for repairing broken parts or adding handles or sculpting. Natural wood/gourd color.

 $6  for  1 oz.  tube

 $10  for  2 oz.  tube

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We are an authorized distributor for 
Ram and Micro-pro micromotor carvers and Burnmaster amd Evergladess woodburning systems.
Please use the  link buttons to view micromotor tools and woodburning tools. 
New - Plastic applicator bottle with 10 assorted sizes of tips. Great for glues, dyes, and other liquids where you want to place a precise amount.  Use to draw on fine line designs with inks and dyes.  Keep a few on hand for color changes or keep one separate for glue.

$2.50 per set       Out of Stock
New -  Not shown   Suede Texture Medium
This medium is added to any kind of acrylic paint including craft paint and house paints to create a sueded texture.  Instructions are included in the package - each pack makes approximately 4 ounces of paint. $3.00

The War Shirt project has a leather like finish which was done using the suede medium..
    Out of Stock                       Out of Stock