These fossilized ammonites have been sliced in half, and the cut side has been polished. Every one is different.  They look great when inlaid into a gourd design, such as this lovely piece created by Phyllis Sickles.   Sizes vary from about 1 to 1.5 inches wide per piece, and they are sold in matched pairs.   $5 per pair

Back in Stock - Flat Ammonites!

These ammonites are encapsulated in stone, and the stone has been cut an polished on the front. The back is flat for easy inlay.   Sizes vary from about 1 to 1.5 inches wide . 2 ammonites in each package - they are not matched pairs.  $3

These items are beautiful when inlaid into your gourds. Be sure to visit my carving and inlay tutorial page which shows how to use these materials on your gourds.
Heishi, Turquoise, Stone Beads and Inlay Supplies
Heishi: The strands are approximately 1.5 - 3 mm in diameter and are about 22 - 24" long with these exceptions: Hematite - 16"  Navajo mix - 30".  Shell and hematite are natural materials.  Others are synthetic stone. 
* Note - Due to natural color variations in shell, the actual colors may differ slightly.

Southwest Mix - $3
Random mixed stones 
Turquoise, Malachite, white and ruby

Marble $3
"White Buffalo"

Orange Coral  $3
with red highlights

Malachite - $3            

Gaspeite  $3
Apple Green with brown matrix

Azurite/Malachite - $3    
Coral -
Terra Cotta with orange matrix $3         
Green Turquoise        
with Matrix - $3

Blue Turquoise 
with Matrix - $3

NEW - Blue Green with Matrix

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"Navajo" Mixed Heishi Strands
These extra long 30" strands are a pleasing pre-strung pattern of several types of stones and shell.    $5 per strand   
Shell & and Stone Heishi
Synthetic Stone Heishi
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Agate Arrowheads
These arrowheads are really nice quality.  Each one is sharp and could actually be used on arrow reproductions.  Each one is cut from agate, and no two are alike.  The stone colors range from whites to browns, greys, brick red and black.  Each one is about 1 1/2"  in length.         $1 each, or 6 pieces for $5
This gourd has an arrowhead accent.

Gourds inlaid with turquoise

Copyright Bonnie Gibson 2007
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Metal Embellishments
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Kits and Displays
Single Arrrowhead


6 Arrrowheads
Magnesite Stone Cabochons
Magnesite stone cabochons, dyed to turquoise. Because they are real stone, they have natural markings. They are great for the budget minded crafter that wants the look of real gemstones, but at a fraction of the price. $1 per bag

6mm Rounds (10 pcs)

8mm Rounds (10 pcs)

10mm Rounds (10 pcs)

14mm Rounds (6 pcs)

24mm Rounds (2 pcs)

8mm Squares (10 pcs)

14mm Squares (6 pcs)

10x14 mm Ovals (8 pcs)

13x18mm  Ovals (6 pcs)

18x24mm  Ovals (3 pcs)

20x30 mm Ovals (2 pcs)

25x35mm  Ovals (1 pcs)
Magnesite Turquoise Washers
6mm - 15 pcs for $1  

10 mm Magnesite CORAL Washers/Discs
(approx 3/8" wide)   10 pcs for $1

Left: Lion's Paw Shell Discs - 12 pcs for $1
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Earrings and More
New - Metallic Hematite Stone Heishi
Colors are electroplated onto the natural metallic surface of hematite and are gorgeous jewel tone colors - just enough "bling" without being gaudy!.  Because they are real stone, the strands are 16" long.  The top  strands are in a matte finish, the bottom strands are shiny.  They all fit well in a channel.
Metallic Hematite Heishi

SHINY Blue Metallic Hematite  - $4

SHINY Peacock Metallic Hematite  - $4
(Blues, Greens, Purples, Golds)

SHINY Copper Metallic Hematite  - $4


NEW  - Not Shown SHINY Gold Metallic Hematite  - $4

Magnesite Turquoise Fetish Bear Beads 
These real stone fetish bear beads are drilled from top to bottom for stringing.  3 dimensional.

Small - 8 pcs for $2Out of Stock

Medium Size
(not shown)  - 6 pcs for $2  

Large - 4 pcs for $2
New - Magnesite Turquoise round beads.  Available in 8mm and 12mm sizes.  16" strand of beads

8mm strand $3.50

12mm strand $4

Melon Shell - $3             
Creamy tan

Voluta Shell - $3       

Lt. Pen Shell - $3                      
Hematite Stone - $2
Shiny, metallic, grey-black

Pen Shell - $3

Value Priced! Mixed GRAB BAGS contain a mix of shapes and sizes.  $5 per bag

Ammonite gourd by Phyllis Sickles
Stone Bead strands - 16"  

Pipestone, Coral, or Turquoise magnesite thin rondelles or washers. Size of each bead is about 2mm x  6mm OR 2mm x 10mm. Real stone - beautiful variegated colors. 

Pipestone - 6mm washers $3 per strand  

Pipestone - 10mm washers $5 per strand Out of Stock

Coral - 6mm washers $3 per strand

Coral - 10mm washers $5 per strand Out of Stock

Turquoise - 6mm washers $3 per strand

Picture Jasper Teardrop Cabochon/Bead Sets

These sets of stones contain 4 round beads and 3 cabochon/bead teardrops.  The teardrops are flat on the back and rounded on the front and are perfect for inlay or stringing.  Use one piece, or use them as a set!  Every piece varies, but all are lovely earthy colors similar to the set shown here.   Each teardrop is about 1" w x 2" long.   $7 per set  

NEW set of ovals - contain 8 round beads 6 - 13x18mm and 1 20x30mm oval cabochon/beads.  While these are drilled though the side for stringing, they are flat on the back and rounded on the front and are perfect for inlay.  Use one piece, or use them as a set!  Every piece varies, but all are lovely earthy colors similar to the set shown here.   $7 per set

Pipestone pictured above.  Not shown - Coral and Turquoise

The colors of the coral and turquoise are similar to the washers shown higher up on this page.
Out of Stock
NEW - Murano Glass Millifiori Cabochon

Beautiful millifiori ("thousand flowers") glass cabochons from Murano, Italy.  Each piece is unique, but they look similar to the ones shown here.  They are flat on the back for easy inlay into your gourd projects.  Also, small millifiori teardrop beads, drilled side to size at the very top.  Limited supply of both.
18mm Round Red  $1 each

18mm Round Turquoise $1 each

18x24 mm Oval Red  $2 each

18x24mm  Oval  Blue  $2 each

10 Mixed Teardrop Beads $2
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
New! - Assorted inlaid bird cabochons.  Made from mother of pearl shell and each one is different.  Each one measures approximately 1 1/8" long by 7/8" wide (22x30 mm)    $5 each