Rotating Display Turntables

These 2 speed rotating turntables are lightweight, and have a soft suede-like material on the turntable surface.  The platform lifts off to reveal the motorized base, gears, and battery compartment as shown.   All units use a standard "D" battery, which will operate the turntable continuously for up to two weeks.  A small switch near the bottom of the base turns the unit on and off.  The large white gear can be moved to the nearby post to change the speed from 4 RPM to 7 RPM.  (The slower RPM is recommended for gourd display.) The largest size can accomodate several small gourds.

Turntable with  8" platform  $28     
Current stock has grey suede on top instead of black,
but the turntable itself is black)

Turntable with 10" platform $31           Out of Stock

Turntable with  12" platform  $34        Out of Stock
Middle Photo    

Want the great look of a woven dreamcatcher on your gourd, but don't want to do the weaving yourself?  Try one of these premade dreamcatchers - see the photo below to see the great results you can get.  Simply cut a hole in the gourd, drill a few holes, and lace the dreamcatcher onto the gourd! 
3" size - $3 each   4" size - $4 each  
Nightlight Kits
Each kit includes all the parts you need EXCEPT for the gourd shade.  Included are a nightlight fixture, bulb, lampshade clip, and complete instructions
You supply a small gourd for the nightlight shade, (one gourd will make two nightlight shades) a bit of glue and your choice of paint or finish.  Instructions with color photographs are included. You'll learn how to cut and prepare the gourd shade, and how to make either style of nightlight; dimensional carved glowing designs OR easy drilled luminaria style designs. 
$6 per kit     

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Other Supplies and Tools:
Mini Drum Head

  Cut from thin goatskin leather, just like the big ones!  Approximately 3" and plenty big for any jewelry sized project. .$.50 each
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Kits, Miscellaneous Supplies & Display Items
Wooden Stands
  Carved from a single, intertwined piece of wood, these stands fold up into a tube shape for easy storage. Stands are measured by their folded size. 

Hard to find large size!
10" stands - $4           

8" stands - $3        

6" stands -  $2.50  
4" stands - $2
Glass Candle Inserts -  Safety first!

Left: Glass oil lamp inserts have reservoirs to hold lamp oil and a small lip which allows them to be suspended inside a gourd.  Glass wick insert and wick are included.
Box of Three Inserts - $10

Right: This great new micro size oil funnel makes filling the lamp inserts fast and easy!  *If you sell finished gourds with oil candles, your customers will appreciate having one included with their purchase.
$1.25 each
*Looking for Dichroic Glass Cabochons and other special items?
  Glass Supplies
*Looking for Bone, and Shell Beads and other unique items? Embellishments
*Looking for Feathered and Beaded Cabochons, Horsehair, Quills, Lacings and other Special supplies?
Special Embellishments
*Looking for Heishi, Turquoise Cabochons and Arrowheads?
Inlay Supplies
Carved Nightlight
Luminaria Nightlight
Left:  Luminaria Style
In the daytime, enjoy a beautiful painted design.  At night, the light shines through the drilled holes and creates a beautiful pattern.

Right: Glowing Style
Color the gourd shell to complement your decor, then carve lightly to remove a layer of material.  At night, the carved design glows gently through the carved areas.

Some finished examples of small gourds with oil candle inserts.
*Looking for Apoxie Sculpt ?
To make each page load faster, Apoxie Sculpt has now moved to its own page.   Apoxie Sculpt page

*Looking for Apoxie Sculpt and Clay Tools?
Apoxie Sculpt
Mini Drum KIT

This kit includes everything you need to make your own mini drum necklace - includes complete instructions, a cleaned and cut gourd, waxed linen cord, an assortment of coordinated metal and glass beads and a mini drum head.  (Kit colors and gourd shapes vary.)
All you need to supply is paint or dye and some creativity to finish the gourd in the way you prefer.   $10

Long leaf Pine Needles - clean, sorted and bundled neatly. From southeastern states, typical needles measure about 14" long, and each bundle weighs about 4 ounces.
Price per bundle   - Natural Needles  $6.50 Dyed Needles $13

Nice large rolls of 1/4" masking tape - perfect for laying out designs and masking small areas!   $1.25 per roll

New!  Bone Cabs in a silver bezel, ready for pine needle coiling projects!
Left:  Example of pine needle basket weaving with a center cabochon. 
Natural Needles  $6.50 Out of Stock

Dyed Emerald Needles $13Out of Stock

Dyed Russet Red Needles $13 Out of Stock

Dyed Black Needles $13Out of Stock
(Not Shown)