Feature - Gourding A to Z
This month, readers share gourds of the alphabet!  Thanks to all who participated - I couldn't use all of them since we had multiple submissions for the same letter, but I'll save your photos and maybe we'll have another try at the gourd alphabet again sometime.

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September updates from the desert southwest...
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The top three books are good technique/pattern books for those that are inspired to do woodburning, carving and animal designs.

Newsletter reader Paula Ferrell of Illinois recommends "Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.  She says there is always something inspirational in each issue to apply to gourds.

The last two items are a bit of gourd themed curiosities - these are books from the early part of the century, that have been republished by a company that tries to keep historic books in print.  The Gourd Fiddle is a story from 1904, written in the style of Br'er Rabbit tales, and has some quite interesting illustrations, while Gourd and Brains is an essay (with a bit of tongue in cheek) on brain power. Perhaps this author was one of the earliest "gourdheads"? 
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Gourds Southwest Gourd Techniques & Projects from Simple to Sophisticated
by Bonnie Gibson

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Featured Gourd of the Month:


Carved and embellished gourd.  This was created with a repurposed metal base,  hardwood lid and handturned finial, and magnesite cabochons.
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August was another quiet month, but I did enjoy a trip to Colorado Springs where we had 3 days of gourding workshops.  It was my first trip to teach in Colorado, and a good chance for gourders in that state to get together and perhaps provide the impetus for a new state chapter in the AGS!   A special thanks to Merle Dallison for hosting this workshop, and to all the participants - who came from Colorado, California, New Mexico and Florida! 
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Gloria Christian of Alabama recently shared this simple painting tip:    "When painting a tall gourd and a paintbrush does not reach the bottom, I use a drinking straw to extend the brush handle. Larger handled paintbrushes will fit into a straw snugly and this will give you several more inches of length to work with."  You can visit Gloria's facebook page or her website.  
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A is for Apple - Gourd by Darlene Propp of California
Special Feature - Art by Jennifer Stewart Benedict

Last month, I shared a couple of photos of AKC Dog trophies, made by Jennifer Stewart of California.  Jennifer is a talented artist who primarily does animal and nature art, and paints on a variety of surfaces, including gourds.  The trophy gourd shown in the newsletter last month was one of 25 pieces that were pyroengraved and painted for the event!  Since creating those gourd trophies a few years ago, Jennifer has been commissioned to do other trophy series, including anywhere from 1-50 individual pieces.  Most of these are for dog shows and horse shows, but she also does one of a kind commissions for individuals as well.  Jennifer's work ranges from paintings to sculpture, using mediums including gourds, metal, ceramic and more.
New freeform magnesite dyed cabochons! Real stone with natural markings.  Inexpensive, and look great!  Check out our available inventory of cabochons on the Inlay Supplies page.
All photos and designs copyright © 2012 by Bonnie Gibson and may not be used without express written permission.
B is for Beaded - Gourds by Dusti Lockey of Texas
C is for  Carving - Gourd by Phyllis Sickles of Arizona
E is for Elephant - Gourd by Patricia Barcita of Virginia
D is for Dog- Gourd by Ibby Greer of Virginia
G is for Grapes - Gourd clock and votive holder by June Johnson of Florida
F is for  Feather - Gourd scrap carvings by Jan Kaplan of Arizona
I is for  Inlay - Gourd with inlaid seed beads by Kathe Stark of New Mexico
H is for  Heron - Gourd by Richard Wessels of Texas
J is for Judaica  - Gourds by Sue Berger of California
L is for  Lizard - Gourd by Rhonda Kesner of Kansas
K is for Koi - Gourd by Valerie Martinell of California
M is for Masks - Gourd mask wallhanging by Barbara Wolters of New Mexico.  Made in a workshop given by Robert Rivera.
N is for  Nightlight - Gourd nightlight by Linda Ashmore of Missouri
Above: Gourd with pyrography and painting - detail photo to right.
Above: "Simple Pleasures"  Life size sculpture, Belgian Tervuren.  Detail shot shown above left.

Mixed Media Elephant sculptures
Irish Setter Art Deco - Ceramic Trophy vase
Above: Ceramic Horse Trophy

Right: "Snitch and his Duckies" Gourd

Left - Jennifer Stewart at work, sculpting in clay.

All photos and artwork are copyrighted by Jennifer Stewart.Please do not copy.

Jennifer's website is: http://www.artforanimallovers.com/
Many thanks to Jennifer for allowing me to share her photos and her beautiful art.
O is for  Owl - Gourd owls by Bill Decker of Missouri
P is for  Pitcher - Gourd pitcher by Rhonda Kesner of Kansas
Q is for  Quiver - Gourd quiver by Betty Banks of Oklahoma
R is for  Rattle - Gourd rattle by Karen Phillips of Arizona
S is for Snake - Snakecharmer Gourd made by Barbara Marshall of California
T is for  Teapot - Gourd teapot made by Joan Clinton of Florida
U is for Unicorn  - Gourd by Lorraine Wilcox of California
V is for Votive  - Gourd Votive holders by Diane Bruder of Michigan
X is for Xmas  - Gourd Santa by Katherine Bixby
W is for weaving  - Gourd by Martha Evans of Texas- done in a weaving workshop with Suzi Nonn
Y is for  Yucca - Gourd by Connie Fox of Texas
Z is for Zendoodle - Gourd jewelry by Jane Weller of Ohio
One of the husbands brought this to our Sunday night potluck dinner!
Working on Filigree Carving
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*How have you used the small stone fans?  Please send us photos and we'll share them here!  They make great necklaces on gourd dolls, attractive focal embellishments on gourd rims and more.  Think creatively - turn them upside down to create gourd doll headdresses, or take them apart and use the stones individually for earrings, inlay or mosaic designs!
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From "A Gourd Fiddle"
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Reader's Mailbag
Here is a pic of my latest gourd.   I would have liked to undercut the leaves but the gourd didn't look too thick when I started it.  Madonna Watermon - MO
Reader's Mailbag
Finally got my last gourd finished from your Missouri retreat.  I just wanted to telll you how much I enjoyed it, and I will definitely continue to work on the skills as I still have a way to go before I'm happy with my finished product.  However, it is exciting to see my gourd completed.  Thanks again for being such a great inspiration.
Barb Janes  - MO   *Madonna and Barb took my carving classes in Missouri last June - I think they both did a great job!
Thanks to ALL of the artists for generously sharing their photos!  I hope we can do this again with some of the extra photos that were sent in.