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September Feature:  Grand Canyon Artist Residency

I had a wonderful time at the Canyon!  I was encouraged to spend lots of time hiking and exploring and soaking in the beauty of the surrounding area.  In return, I did 3 demonstrations and one evening program for Canyon visitors. The weather was perfect - mostly sunny with only a few cloudy or rainy days.   I was provided with a nice cabin and a volunteer uniform to wear when I presented my programs.  The rest of the time I hiked, explored, took photos and worked on gourds.  I did 3 projects while I was there; two smaller projects and one large piece which I left behind as my gift to the National Park.  It is my understanding that eventually this gourd will be incorporated into the visitor center's display area.
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Arizona Gourds
Special September Grand Canyon Edition
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Featured Books of the Month:

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Here are some good Grand Canyon themed books.  "On the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon" is one of the two top selling books at the Park Visitor's center.  It's amazing that a whole book could be devoted to the stupidity and unfortunate accidents that have caused so many deaths in the Grand Canyon.

I loved the book "The Grand Canyon: An Artist's View" and even bought a copy to bring home.  Lots of sketches and observations make this a beautiful book.  Arizona Highways can always be counted upon to put out volumes with photographs of extrordinary beauty, and their "Grand Canyon" book is no exception.  It has one beautiful photo after another.

Rascal the Tassel Eared Squirrel is a beautiful children's book with a nice story and great artwork.  Wonderful for young readers.  Finally, Brighty of the Grand Canyon is a children's classic that is just as entertaining today as when I read it as a child.  It was written for 9-12 year olds, but my husband and I both enjoyed re-reading it.  Much of the story is factual and includes history about the development of the National Park.  This is the other top selling book at the Visitor Center. 
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Featured Gourd of the Month:

Guardian of the Canyon Skies
This gourd was the first project I completed during my residency at the Grand Canyon.  It is deeply carved and features one of the gnarled and twisted junipers from along the canyon's edge.  It also has a raven, as well as the colorful canyon in the background.
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Last chance to sign up for the September Florida Gourd Retreat classes.  You can see them and register through the Florida Gourd Society class information pages.  This gourd retreat will be held at the Deerhaven Retreat Center in Paisely, FL - click here for retreat general information.

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*Note: I'm trying to cut back my teaching schedule and perhaps visit some new locations, so this may be the last time I'll be teaching in Texas and Florida for a few years.  If you are interested in my classes at these events, please plan on attending them this year. 
I hadn't planned on putting out a September issue of the newsletter, but my time as Artist-in-Residence at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was so wonderful, that I want to share it with all of you.   For the 300 or so of you that signed up to be "Fans" of Arizona Gourds on Facebook, I hope you enjoyed seeing my daily updates and photos.  (If you aren't currently a fan of Arizona Gourds on Face, it's not too late to visit my Facebook page and read the previous 3 weeks of postings and photos - just visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arizona-Gourds/91905791901).  Thanks to all of you that responded to my photos and messages, it made sharing my adventures even more fun!

Check below for photos from my adventure!


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Side trip to Antelope Slot Canyon, on Navajo land just outside of Page, Arizona and close to Lake Powell.
There was lots of evidence of wildfires - both past and present.  This is a controlled burn of debris from the "Aspen" fire that was still ongoing when I arrived.
Sunset over the Canyon
Putting on an evening presentation for Park Visitors.
Artist in Residence Cabin
Lots of Aspen forests- especially in areas that had been burned at some point.
Above and below: Side trip to Lee's Ferry - where the Colorado River starts to enter the Canyon.  Arizona Beachfront Property!!
Looking back up the Kaibab trail through the Supai Tunnel.
Below: Bridge on the Kaibab trail.  This was about the only level place on the hike!
This is the gourd I  eventually finished and donated to the Park.  You can see a photo of one of the three different bird designs on my home page.
I picked up a few new items during my recent travels.  You'll find these on the Bone Beads and Embellishments page.  Limited supplies on all of these items.
View of Lake Powell from nearby hill.  Lake Powell is twice as big as Rhode Island and has more shoreline than the western coast of the US!
Doing a demo in the Sun porch at the Lodge
Special Notice: I will be teaching classes at the Florida Gourd Retreat  from September 22nd through the 28th. Orders placed during that time will be held and shipped out as soon as I return. 
Passing the Vermillion Cliffs on the way to the North Rim.
Driving through high plateaus and expansive meadows heading into the Park.
Wild Turkeys in the meadows.
An early morning hike on Saddle Mountain over the Nankoweep trail.
There were deer everywhere!!  Lots of does and fawns.
Carving in front of my cabin. The canyon was only about 50 feet to my left, right besides the Transept Trail.
Some of the many beautiful panoramic views of the canyon.
Side trip to Lake Powell, where the Colorado River exits via the Glen Canyon Dam.
Early morning view at Bright Angel Point
What's new on the Arizona Gourds website? 
Shell and Bone Earring pairs are great to wear but also make wonderful accents for gourd masks.  .
Fetishes - Animal, bird, fish, and Native designs
Wall plaque made from a 12" gourd top. I did the pine needle weaving as part of my demos.  This has Hopi style eagle and hummingbird designs.
Overlooking the Canyon from Uncle Jim Point
The Canyon view changes constantly, depending on the time of day, weather, and cloud cover.
Older burn area near Point Imperial
Fun Fact:
The black bodied and white tailed Kaibab Squirrel is only found on the North Rim.  His relative, the grey colored Abert's squirrel, is on the South Rim.  They are isolated by the surrounding deserts and the canyon, and evolved into two dfferent squirrels.

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