Copper B Patina Paint                             Sculpt Nouveau
          Blue-Green                                         Patina Oxidizer   
     2 ounce jar  -  $5.50                                      2 ounce bottle - $4
We are now offering products made by the industry leader, Sculpt Nouveau.  This is truly a top of the line, high quality product - this product is so superior that it is even appropriate for outdoor use! The metal coating paint is now packaged in a convenient jar instead of a bottle, which makes it much easier to mix and to use.  The new product is far more lustrous, thick and creamy, and has a higher metal content.  The product application and use remains the same, but your results should be far better.   Each kit now contains an printed instruction sheet that is far easier to read than the small print on the product labels.  
Metal Coating Paints, Patina Solution and Suede Texture Medium

Antler Lid Vessel with copper metallic glaze finish and blue-green patina solution.  This gourd is featured on the cover of "Gourds: Southwestern Gourd Techniques and Projects from Simple to Sophisticated" by Bonnie Gibson
Patina Solution was used on a band of copper leafing to add a decorative effect.
How to use Metal Coating Paints:  Stir to mix the paint thoroughly before using.  Apply the metallic coating directly on the surface (applying a primer is NOT necessary unless you are using it over aluminum or galvanized metals.)  This product has good coverage, so no undercoating of any kind is necessary.  Apply the metal coating in two (or more) thin coats.  Patina solutions should be added when the final coat is still wet.  

*Because they contain real metal, the glazes will eventually tarnish naturally - but the addition of a patina solution will dramatically change the appearance.  
How to use Patina Solutions:  These products are designed to alter the color and appearance of copper, brass, bronze and of the metal coating paint.   The method of application can be manipulated to produce a variety of effects.  The solution can be brushed on, sprayed on, splattered on, sponged on, or dripped on.  The only thing to avoid is over-application of the solution, as you want at least part of the metallic surface to show through the patination.  Your results will vary depending on many factors including method of application, environmental conditions and amounts of products.

The reaction takes a little time; allow up to several hours for full effect.  Experimentation and a bit of imagination will provide some interesting results.   Application of a clear sealer will stop the patination process and provide a protective coat.

Clean up and finishing:  Clean up is easy - just use soap and water. As a final finish, seal with an matte  spray. (The patina will lose that "dusty" appearance if gloss or satin finishes are applied.)

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More Tips for using Patina Paints:

1) Be sure you stir the paint to mix it throughly.  The paint contains real metal particles that must be dispersed in the solution for best results.  Apply at least two coats for the best results.  The more metal that is laid down, the more dramatic the end appearance will be after the oxidizing solution is applied.  

2) Apply one thin coat of the metallic coating paint and let that coat dry.  It will lose its glossy appearance as it dries.  This paint is slow drying but impatient crafters may use a hairdryer to speed things up! Wait for at least 5 minutes before applying heat, or some bubbles may appear.   Apply a second coat and while it is still wet, apply the patina solution.  You can apply it in many methods including dripping, brushing, sponging, spraying, or splattering.  (It looks nice when you leave bits of the metallic paint uncoated or the whole surface will oxidize.)   The amount of time it takes to see the final results will vary depending on temperature, humidity and thickness of metal application.  Sometimes the best results won't show up until hours later, so don't despair if you don't get the results you desire immediately.    (Additional layers of paint may also be added over top if you accidently apply too much solution and lose all of the metallic effect.  I sometimes use a scrap of sponge to blot on some metallic highlights.)  

3) Once you are satisfied with the results and the surface is completely dry, apply a finish.  I have found that a matte spray finish gives great results and maintains the natural, dusty look of oxidized paint.

4)  This paint does have a shelf life and is also affected by heat and cold.  Keep it indoors in room temperature.  Do not expose it to freezing conditions or excessive heat.

NEW!  The metallic coating paint is now packaged in handy, 2 ounce craft-sized jars.  (The patina solution is bottled.)
Paints and liquids cannot be shipped outside of the US.
About metal coating paints:  Unlike metallic colored craft paints, this metallic glaze paint actually contains real metal particles.  The water-based latex glaze paints give the painted surface a coating of real copper alloy metal.  The surface may be further treated with a patina solution that will age or patina the metal in the paint to various verdegris shades of blue and green.  In addition, the patina solutions will also work on real metal surfaces as well.  
Heavily patinaed copper paint surface covers the entire gourd.
NEW - Suede texture additive for paints

Suede texture medium may be added to regular craft paints or house paints to create a roll on suede texture on your gourds or other craft projects.  Simply stir the package into 2-4 oz of paint, and use a roller to apply for a nappy, suede like surface.  The photo below doesn't really give you the effect, but in real life the gourd has a great texture which looks just like leather.  Instructions on how to use the texture medium are included.
The War Shirt product uses suede texture medium and dimensional paint.  To read more about the project or to order, visit the Project Packets page.
One pack of suede texture makes 2-4 oz of suede paint. 
 $3 per pack
Out of Stock